TRANSBANT  Rubber is the first factory in Turkey producing textile reinforced conveyor belt since 1964.

We can manufacture up to 2000mm width, abrasion, heat resistant, flame, oil, acid and cold-resistant flat  conveyor belts and various profiles belts with temperature resistance that ranges from -60°C to 180 °C.   ISO 9001-2008 Certification Standards with 200,000 mt production capacity a year.

The application rubber conveyor belts that we manufacture are Thermal Power Plants, Iron and Steel plants, Coal Mines, Mining Industry, Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Stone Quarries.

TRANSBANT Conveyor Belt supplies high quality and top performance conveyor belts and conveyor system components, with excellent follow-through technical support and after-sales service. Our products are specialized for the oil, mining, industrial and construction fields, thus fulfilling the applicable requirements of the interested parties for the client’s satisfaction.

The purpose of our company is to meet customers’ expectations in terms of quality, timely delivery, a long warranty period and a trustworthy after-sales service, as well as to offer an excellent price for our conveyor belt production and other conveyor system products.

Our Technical Department is able to provide proposals for improvements based on an innovative approach and adapting to the customer’s needs or demands, with special emphasis on meeting customer requirements with reliability and timeliness. Warranty and after-sales service are    provided.

General characteristics of TRANSBANT  Conveyor Belts.

The carcass or core that makes up the conveyor belt is the element that resists the tensions or loads to which the conveyor belt is subjected and is made of high quality and resistant materials.

We supply cover qualities or grades according to DIN, ISO, RMA, EN, GOST, BS

We can supply covers with higher qualities than the standard, through our special applications having properties of high tensile strength, super abrasion resistance, tear, cut, impact resistance, acid or alkali resistance, oil, grease, high temperature, cold  and fire resistance, , and energy saving bottom cover.

 “The purpose of our company is to meet customer’s expectations in terms of quality, timely delivery, a long warranty period and a trustworthy with excellent follow-truough technical support and after-sales service”

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